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Gift Catalog: Ministry to Children

"Whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me." -Matthew 18:5

Uniformed School Children

School Uniforms and Shoes

Cost: $25

in many cases, schools located in impoverished areas will not admit children unless they are dressed in school uniforms. The aim of these schools is to promote cleanliness, decorum, modesty, and self-respect. Unfortunately, poor parents are often unable to afford the costly uniforms and shoes which schools require. NFJ helps to instill children with a sense of dignity by providing school uniforms and shoes. Not only does this help poor boys and girls realize that God loves them; this also helps them to pursue a valuable education.

School Children at the Hope Center

Backpacks with School Supplies

Cost: $20

Help needy children succeed in school with backpacks filled with essential school supplies like pencils, notebooks, rulers, glue, crayons, erasers, and more. The gift of school supplies will bring a ray of hope to poverty-stricken parents who want their children to get an education, despite themselves being illiterate.

Child getting a shot


Cost: $25

According to the CDC, a child in Africa dies from malaria every 30 seconds. Likewise, typhoid fever affects 17 million people worldwide every year. Your gift of $25 provides life-saving immunizations to ten children who are in dire need.

Young African Girl

Educate a Girl in Need for a Year

Suggested Gift: $300
Share the Cost: $30

In many countries, there are young girls who never have the chance to go to school and achieve their dreams. Many are forced to work or care for younger siblings, while others simply lack the money for school fees and uniforms. But NFJ seeks to give girls the opportunity to go to school and realize their potential. Give a girl at risk access to education so she can become all God created her to be.

Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net

Cost: $10

Every 30 seconds a child in Africa dies from malaria. Something as simple as a mosquito net can save a child's life and be a great testimony of Christ's love.

Children at a NFJ Hope Center

Help Build a Hope Center

Suggested Gift: $25,000
Share the Cost: $500

Hope Centers provide children with a home, healthcare, counseling, spiritual development, an education, and vocational training. Through Hope Centers, local churches are enabled to share God's love and compassion with orphaned or abandoned children, and to conduct outreach activities to those in the area. Consider funding the construction of a new Hope Center and impact a needy community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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