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Gift Catalog: Ministry to Communities

"Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." -Matthew 25:40

Warm Blanket

A Warm Blanket

Cost: $10

In Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are thousands of refugees who have been displaced from their villages because of tribal wars and natural disasters. Without shelter, they are forced to endure cold nights and harsh winters. With a gift of $10, you can share the love of Jesus Christ with them by giving the a blanket to keep them warm.

Village members at water pump

Clean Water for a Family or Village

Clean water is essential for life, but it is estimated that more than 1.1 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. People living in poverty-stricken villages throughout Asia and Africa must walk miles to collect a single container of water - barely enough for their daily needs. And one person in eight has no other choice than to draw their supply from a source that is contaminated by waste and disease - a situation that causes more death than war, malaria, AIDS, and typhoid combined. A simple water filter ($75) can help protect a family from the deadly, water-borne illnesses of unsafe water sources. And $1250 will provide a freshwater well that can serve an entire village and can save the lives of countless people.

Water Filter

Water Filter

Cost: $75

Boy at Water Pump

Freshwater Well

Cost: $1250
Share the Cost: $125

Flooded Home

Help Build a New House

Suggested Donation: $5000
Share the Cost: $500

Recently, torrential rains and typhoons triggered massive floods in Taiwan and India, washing away thousands of houses. The destruction has not only claimed lives and property, but has devastated hundreds of miles worth of crops that were close to being harvested. The situation seems hopeless to those who have lost everything. But this is where the love of God can make an incredible difference in people's lives. You can help a family construct a foundation for their future by providing them with the materials to build a home to live in and start over. Through your kindness you can show others that a life is only truly secure when it is founded on Christ (Matt. 7:24-25)


Tools for a Trade

In many third world countries, people have the desire to work, but they lack the tools for a viable trade. With the gift of a sewing machine, auto rickshaw, or fishing net, you free a family from the cycle of poverty and provide them with the means for a consistent income.

Fisherman's Net

A Net for a Fisherman

Cost: $30

Sewing Machine

A Sewing Machine

Cost: $125

Auto Rickshaw

An Auto Rickshaw

Cost: $2000
Share the Cost: $200

Doctor Treating Patient at Medical Clinic

Establish a Medical Clinic

Suggested Gift: $2500
Share the Cost: $250

Illnesses that are easily treated in the United States can become a death sentence to those living far from medical care in places such as Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Sierra Leone. According to he World Health Organization (WHO), the life expectancy of people living in those nations is just under 40 because of poverty, AIDS, and easily preventable conditions. NFJ is working to provide medical clinics in these areas in order to improve the quality of life and help reduce premature deaths.


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