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Gift Catalog: Ministry to Farmers

"Truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; But if it dies, it bears much fruit." -John 12:24

Farmer and Wife working in Field

Seed and Tools

Seed for an Acre of Land: $12
Farming Tools: $25

A terrific way to help hungry families grow food and become self-reliant is by simply giving the seeds to do so. A gift of $12 will buy enough seed for an entire acre of land, and $25 will help purchase the tools needed to start a farm.

Livestock in a Field


It's amazing how simply owning farm animals such as water buffalo, chicks, cows, goats, or piglets can transform the life of an impoverished family. Such livestock provides milk and/or meat for sustenance and rich manure to fertilize crops. As a family learns to care for and breed their animals successfully, they gain a regular source of food and income, economic independence, and the ability to minister to their neighbors. You could give them a self-sustaining resource that multiplies itself many times over.

Man with Chick

A Group of 20 Chicks

Cost: $20


A Pair of Piglets

Cost: $65

Boy with Goat

A Goat

Cost: $83

Man with Water Buffalo

A Water Buffalo

Suggested Donation: $450
Share the Cost: $45

Man with Dairy Cow

A Dairy Cow

Suggested Donation: $450
Share the Cost: $45


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