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Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - March 2016

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Dear Friends,

My wife, Jyothi, and I recently returned from an exciting ministry trip to India. Our goals for this trip were to connect with and mentor our Hope Center leaders and to evaluate the progress of construction and installation at the TV broadcast facility. Just as we were preparing to leave Atlanta, God miraculously supplied the required funding for a video switcher to be installed for broadcasting the Gospel.



In an effort to maximize broadcast resources, we have partnered with a local church in the city. The church has offered us studio space and volunteers to keep this project moving. We are also working to hire qualified staff members to initiate filming and production. While we were working with the broadcast facility technician and evaluating progress, God opened an incredible door that we never expected. We were given an opportunity to present the Gospel to a group of KOYA people that represents nearly one million unreached people.


koya woman

The KOYA people are a largely unreached people group in the mountains of Andhra Pradesh. The people we visited had no running water, toilets, electricity, or phones. Their livestock wandered about the village. There was one central stove; many children and adults were cold, without enough blankets and clothes.

We walked about 15 miles to reach the village of Gurralagoomi. There were no roads after a certain point, so we had to clear the path by removing tree branches, stumps and stones. We were told that there were wild bears and wild pigs in that area, so one of our guides always kept a weapon in his hand. Jyothi and I almost turned back until we realized as the leaders of the group, the whole expedition would have collapsed had we done so. We brought with us 150 mosquito nets and the good news of Jesus.

koya woman

The journey was scary and difficult, but the joy of meeting basic needs and sharing the Gospel far outweighed the trouble. Having arrived in the village, we were greeted by a large number of people. Living in what is considered extreme poverty, the people were warm, kind, and hospitable. We ended up spending the night with the tribe. Their homes were made of wood, thatch, and mud, built without windows. Women wear simple saris wrapped around their bodies, while men typically wear loincloths and turbans.

“Many Koya deities are female, the most important being the "mother earth." The Koya do not believe in heaven, hell, or reincarnation. When someone dies, his or her spirit lingers about the ancestor pot, patrols the sky over the village, or wanders about the village interfering with daily life, sometimes benevolently.”



- Pray that the Holy Spirit softens the hearts of these people to receive the Gospel.

- The Koya asked for blankets and sweaters as temperatures reach 10 degrees or lower on the mountaintop at night.

- Pray for Pastor David Raju, who is burdened to reach these people. He travels to the village twice a month, walking 30 miles both ways.

- Safe water. Their water source is a still pond; a number of children are suffering from malaria and other waterborne diseases without fresh drinking water.

- The entire Bible needs to be translated into the KOYA language.

- Broadcast: Streaming server, monitors, and 2 computers for editing.


Did you know that there are over 4,000 unreached people groups in the world and over half of them are in India? In our latest trip, God brought us face to face with one of these groups, the KOYA. We are thankful He allowed us to reach out to these people whom He loves. This is the God we serve, full of loving kindness, looking here and there for His lost sheep.


How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"(Romans 10:14-15 NIV).

I invite you to consider partnering with us and support the mission of Nations for Jesus. We have an opportunity to share God’s unconditional love and unending hope throughout India through the television broadcast, Hope Centers and outreach to the unreached tribes.

Yours for the Unreached,

Ratna Kumar Sajja, D.Min.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - May 2014

Warm greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

Dear Friends,

I just returned from India after six weeks of ministry where I travelled to different villages and cities. I noticed a tremendous hunger in the hearts of the people to know the real God. Hindus claim to have 330 million gods and goddesses. God miraculously saved me from Hinduism and called me to minister to the 780 million Hindus who live in India. Because of my background, I have had many unprecedented opportunities to minister the Word in a variety of settings. In one of the recent church service, we baptized 20 Hindu converts that renounced idol worship and became followers of Christ.


The population of India is 1.2 billion people. Although 83% of the people are Hindu, India also is the home of more than 120 million Muslims, one of the world’s largest Muslim populations. The population also includes Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists; however, less than 3% of the population is Christian. I am burdened for the people of India, as most do not know the true God and are worshipping idols. For this reason, Nations for Jesus has been actively working to reach the masses by way of television.


Television has become a dominant medium of communication globally. In fact, India has the third largest TV households, second to only China and the US. Approximately half of all Indian households own a television. It is integrated into their daily lives and has the power to influence their culture and moral values.

women watching tv

TV enables viewers to be ministered to in the privacy of their homes. This is especially valuable in parts of India where the Gospel is strictly censored or forbidden. Unlike the US, cable is accessible to even low income families; the cost of subscription for 150 channels is about $3.00 per month.


Since 2013, we have been working to obtain a license to start a Family Christian Channel. I am delighted to report that as of April 1, 2014, we have been granted a license to launch the Family Christian Channel. We will initially reach 1.2 million people living in a major city in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Our end goal is to use the TV broadcast and internet channel to reach the entire country of India with the good news of Jesus Christ.


Currently, we are in the process of purchasing the equipment to set up the television studio. We need video cameras, a switcher, control units and other production equipment to begin the process. The estimated expense associated with this project is approximately $40,000. Please consider praying for this project as we rely on the generous donations of people like you who are committed to bringing the good news of Jesus to the world.

Obtaining the license is a milestone. This allows us to make one step up the ladder towards the end goal of reaching the 1.2 billion people of India. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.


• Identify staff that is committed to excellence and innovation.

• Wisdom to screen and select Christ-centered programming.

• Favor from the local government.

• Technical and financial resources.

• The projected launch date will be January 1, 2016.

At Nations for Jesus, we are committed to take the whole gospel to the whole world. Will you partner with us to make this happen? I appreciate your prayers and financial support.

Serving Him Together,

Ratna Kumar Sajja, D.Min.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - August 2013

Warm greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

In June I had the privilege of traveling to India along with my family and friends for the purpose of dedicating a church building and to minister among the children. As we arrived in Hyderabad, the summer season was winding up and the monsoon season was about to begin. The summer had been brutal. With temperatures of up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit in the state of Andhra Pradesh, as many as 1,000 people had died. In addition, acute power shortages caused thousands of businesses to shut down, resulting in massive production disruption and job losses.

Amidst these circumstances, we arrived in Vijayawada to carryout the ministry. The city has a population of over 1 million people. Telugu is the most common language. Hinduism is the major religion, practiced by more than 80% of the population followed by Muslims 12%. Christians are about 3% of India's population.


The focus of our trip was the dedication of a church building. Nations for Jesus has partnered with Messiah Fellowship to build a church that accommodates over 1,200 people. For 30 years, the fellowship moved from place to place without a church building. For several years, we asked the Lord to provide a large enough place to call their own, and, in His perfect timing and way, the Lord answered. God provided NFJ the resources required to purchase a piece of land and to construct a church building. We had the privilege of dedicating the building to the glory of God on Thursday, June 13.

Approximately 1,700 people were in attendance to celebrate the faithfulness of God. The church building in India represents more than a convenient place to meet. It is a center for fellowship and a launch pad for sharing Christ's love with the community. Should the Lord tarry, the structure will be intact for many, many years. Please pray that this church will be a place of refuge for those who are in need and those who are hurting.


Nations for Jesus has a heart for orphans and established a Hope Center in partnership with Messiah Fellowship. As such, we spent time with these children, also in Vijayawada. Their stories were heart wrenching. The children are abandoned or their families are too poor to take care of them. Notwithstanding their histories and having nothing, they radiated with hope; their joy was an inspiration to our team and changed the way we view life. The little hands we held were dirty, callused, bruised, but most of all, truly remarkable. These children love without hesitation or limits as if they have never been hurt before. They give openly as if they have never gone hungry. Truly, as Jesus says, we must be like them. Even as we cared for these children, they stirred a greater appreciation in us for the life we have been given and for this opportunity to serve, to hold their hands. Please pray for the Nations for Jesus’ Hope Center. Our goal is to show these children that although they may not have parents, they have a heavenly Father, hope through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and a family through the church who loves them and seeks their very best.


In a recent article, the World Bank said, “India accounts for one-third of the world’s poor, people living on less than USD 1.25 (about Rs 65) per day.” During our trip, we had the opportunity to feed children at a girl’s home in a village outside of Vijayawada. This home relies on donations, so if they do not find a sponsor for their meals, the children do not eat. We were able to provide a multiple course lunch for over eighty girls. Most of them were not Christians, so we were able to show them God’s love by serving them and by sharing the Good News.


We also provided dinner at an elderly home, where we fed about ninety people. Each of them welcomed us with open arms and thanked us for taking the time to visit. Many of them were thrown out or abandoned by their children, so they were joyful that we came, even just to spend time with them.

Life in India can be brutal. A short walk on the crowded streets screams rawness, desperation, and aggression from every direction. The orphans, beggars, widows, lepers, uneducated, and dying cannot hide their hurt behind perfect houses, job titles, degrees, or clean clothes. They have nothing and can hide nothing. They wear reality on their faces. Life is naked and vulnerable. Tears freely fall and cries are not silenced. The needy come open-handed, begging for anything, exposing everything. Their hands reveal great hardship and deep tragedy. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share with you the heart of Nations for Jesus. While this newsletter has focused on India, we are committed to take the whole gospel to the whole world. Will you partner with us to make this happen? I appreciate your prayers and financial support to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Yours for the unreached,

Ratina Kumar Sajja, D.Min.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - August 2012

Warm greetings to you in the matchless name of Jesus Christ!

It has been some time since I sent a report of our ministry activities. God has been truly good to us. As I write this letter, my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving for His goodness and faithfulness.

Trip to Iceland and Norway

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to Iceland and Norway. Several years ago, I came in contact with a pioneer of Christian television. He is broadcasting the gospel to Norway, Sweden, Iceland and the United Kingdom. Upon receiving an invitation from Erik,I made a trip to Norway and Iceland.


In Iceland, I had the privilege of ministering God’s Word at Omega Church. The response was very encouraging. The state religion of Iceland is Lutheran. However, in practice, people have turned away from the Lord and are practicing rituals that have no power. I had the sense that our ministry was very impactful as people watched the service on television throughout Iceland.

My friend and I also travelled to Oslo, the capital city of Norway. I had the privilege of sharing the Word of God on Gospel Channel's live broadcasts for four nights. The broadcasts were viewed throughout Scandinavia. People responded to the gospel. We received a number of text messages, phone calls and e-mails requesting prayer for salvation, healing and restoration. A lady who suffered with asthma for 40 years received the healing touch from the Lord. I believe the Lord delivered many people from sin, depression and many physical illnesses.

India Church Construction


I also want to give you an update on the church construction project by our ministry partner in India. Nations for Jesus has been an instrument of God’s kingdom in building a church in India that will hold over 1,000 people. Construction costs have skyrocketed due to inflation;however, the project is still underway. The local government has discontinued making sand available for all construction projects in the state where the construction is taking place. We are praying this issue will soon be resolved. Please continue to pray that we will receive favor from the local government.

Unprecedented Opportunity to Reach Masses


The population of India is 1.2 billion people. Although 83% of the people are Hindu, India also is the home of more than 120 million Muslims, one of the world’s largest Muslim populations. The population also includes Christians, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists. However, less than 2% of the population is Christian. I am burdened for the people of India as most do not know the true God and are worshipping idols.

Lately, television has become a dominant communication medium in India. Of all popular media, television illustrates the power of mass communication to inform, educate and influence the public. It has also played a significant role in the distribution of the gospel around the world. It is still an effective medium to reach masses quickly. It transcends geography, time and space. According to research reports, 50% of the households in India own a TV set and it costs about $3.00 per month to subscribe to 150 channels


One of my immediate goals is to communicate the gospel to the people of the Indian subcontinent. We want to set up TV production facilities in India to produce messages in various languages. We will have to start from scratch. It takes video cameras, a switcher, control units and other production equipment to begin the process. The estimated expense associated with this project is $50,000. I am looking for 500 people who can contribute $100 each towards this project. By His grace, the impact will be enormous. You will share the rewards of winning souls for His kingdom. We cannot put a price tag on each soul.

We live in a revolutionary time of astonishing advances in technology and religious, economic and political upheaval worldwide. Times like this present significant opportunities for the spread of the gospel. The Great Commission is a God-given task for Christians to carry on, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

At Nations for Jesus, we are committed to take the whole gospel to the whole world. Will you partner with us to make this happen? I appreciate your prayers and financial support.

Yours for the unreached,

Ratina Kumar Sajja, D.Min.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - April and May 2011

Greetings in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Each year as Easter draws near, I’m reminded of God’s love and His unwavering commitment to us. The newness of life that we have in Him is beyond anything we can imagine (2 Corinthians 5:17). The reality of this was something I’m sure the disciples clung to while living and ministering alongside the Savior. They watched how He related to people from various walks of life. And they were probably spellbound at the hope He offered through His healing touch.


Like many people today, they faced times of uncertainty, unrest, and disappointment. But as long as Jesus was with them, they had a reassuring sense of hope. They learned what it meant to trust Him with every area of their lives. He taught them how to give freely of themselves while not expecting any earthly reward, but looking toward God’s eternal reward that would be theirs one day.

Just when it seemed that all they had dreamed was about to come true, their world fell apart. Jesus was betrayed, arrested, and crucified. For a brief moment in time, it appeared that God was denying them the fulfillment of their greatest hopes. But this was not the case. He had a plan.

Many times what appears to be an ending is God’s way of opening a new door of opportunity. The Savior’s earthly ministry had to end before the next step in His redemptive plan could be revealed. Through Christ’s death, we are given new life and forgiven of all our sins.


The ministry of Nations for Jesus (NFJ) reaches around the world, and I can tell you that many of the people, and especially the children that we minister to, are facing grave challenges. They need to hear this message. Some are so troubling that they could easily be tempted to feel defeated by their circumstances. But the author of Hebrews reminds us, “We are not of those who shrink back to destruction, but of those who have faith to the preserving of the soul” (Hebrews 10:39).

In other words, we don’t give up because we have a living hope thanks to God, who gave us His Son. The apostle Paul added an “amen” to this thought when he wrote, “We are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37). The New American Standard translates that verse this way: “In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.”

The very things that would seek to threaten our peace, hope, and security are God’s stepping-stones on which we walk to gain the victory that He has for us. Amy Carmichael, who was a lifelong missionary to India and who personally rescued countless children from lives of caste-based prostitution, wrote,

“Give me the Love that leads the way The Faith that nothing can dismay The Hope no disappointments tire The Passion that'll burn like fire Let me not sink to be a clod Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God."


Is this the prayer of your heart? Is hope alive within you? After Jesus’ death, Mary and a few other women went to His tomb. They were deeply discouraged and believed that they would only be greeted by the reality of His death. Instead they were embraced by glorious life and light. “He is not here,” the angels told them. “He has risen, just as He said[!]”(Matthew 28:6) The message of Easter is one that we carry with us around the world. Jesus has risen; and therefore, there is great hope—not just for us—but for everyone who is in need of the Savior.

Please keep our ministry on your prayer list and ask the Lord how you can be a part of what we are doing in countries like India, Turkey, Haiti, Nepal, and others. Remember, we can do all things through Jesus Christ!

May you have a wonderful Easter!

Dr. Ratina Kumar Sajja

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - March 2011

Catastrophe in Japan

Over the past few days, most of us have watched in unbelief as widespread devastation has unfolded in Japan. On March 11, an 8.9 earthquake hit this nation. It is being called the fifth worst earthquake in the world’s history and the worst in the history of this country.

This hard-to-grasp geological event triggered a massive tsunami that bore with it a 25-foot wall of water. It struck Japan’s northern coastline with such fury that it instantly killed hundreds of people and washed away entire villages and cities. Hours after this major earthquake struck, aftershocks continued. Many of the people of this nation are completely devastated and left feeling hopeless and afraid. Many cannot find their loved ones. Others have been killed or seriously injured.

Millions of people as far south as Tokyo, which is 170 miles from the earthquake’s epicenter, have been left without power and transportation. One of the major concerns of the Japanese government is the country’s nuclear power facilities located along the northern coastline. These have been affected by the tsunami.


One of The Worst Disasters in Japan’s History

The Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan called this crisis, “The most difficult for the nation since World War II.” The death toll is closing in on 3,500 and officials say that number will increase rapidly. In fact, Japanese media have estimated that the death toll could soar to an inconceivable number of more than 20,000.

Literally, thousands of people have been left homeless and without adequate food, water, and shelter. On top of this, temperatures in Japan at this time of the year generally fall to freezing overnight. The further you move north into the quake zone, the colder it becomes. U.S. relief agencies have bolted into action along with many Christian ministries.

My heart goes out to the Japanese people, and I’m sure after reading this update, you will understand why. My prayer, and my burden, is to find a way to help this devastated country in the aftermath of this horrific disaster. I believe God can and does use tragedy to draw us closer to Him. He is not the author of sorrow, but when it hits, He steps into our mangled set of circumstances to offer peace and security unlike anything this world can offer. He is our strong tower and those who run to Him find safety, emotional shelter, hope, and healing (see Psalm 19).


A Word of Survival

I opened an email on Sunday, March 13, 2011 from one of our ministry partners in Japan, who works with BJapan—a broadcast ministry in that country that works to strengthen the local church through technology and outreach projects. I was grateful that he was unharmed, but I also sensed urgency for us to ask God for His mighty intervention.

Our partner writes, “Churches in northern Japan are usually very small. They often struggle to keep going, especially outside the major urban centers. Over the years, one of BJapan's ministries has been to offer practical support to these small churches. In many cases, they do not even have a pastor. The area where these churches are located received the most damage as a result of the earthquake.

• Please pray for the people in this area. That many will be rescued and that they will find their loved ones.

• One of our main cooperating “on-air pastors” and his church are very close to a stricken nuclear plant that is in the news. Please pray for the safety of this pastor and his congregation. Up to this point, we have been unable to get through to them to hear how they are doing.

• We ask for prayer for our faithful listeners in this area. Pray for their safety and for special grace as living conditions will be terrible for the foreseeable future.

• Please pray for the salvation for the people of Japan. The stricken area is the most unchurched of this nation.

• Church congregations are few and average only 19 members. Pray that as these Christians deal with their own loss, they will shine with the love of God and be salt and light to their fellow citizens in these very difficult days.


Another Way You Can Help Japan

Nations for Jesus (NFJ) is seeking ways to send aid and support to Japan, and I’m asking for your help. Will you commit to pray for the people of this country? Japan’s principle religion is Shinto. It is as old as Japan itself and means "the way of the gods." It is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people. Buddhism is the second largest religion. Followed by Confucianism, Christianity, and Islam.

BJapan, our ministry partner, is committed to helping us get aid to the people of the smaller churches in this northern region. It would be wonderful for us to help these churches not only to recover, but also to become a light of hope and salvation to a very spiritually dark nation.

Will you join with me in prayer and will you give whatever you can for the immediate relief efforts for this country? We believe that God has called Nations for Jesus to be on the frontlines of the battle offering help to the churches, and hope to the hopeless, especially right now to these people in this stricken area.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Ratina Kumar Sajja

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - August and September 2010
1. The Kurds in Turkey

2. The Bible Society of Turkey

3. Sponsor Bibles for the Kurds

The Kurds in Turkey


"When we published the New Testament, a Kurd came to me at the book fair. He was over 65 and worked as a checker on the project. He kissed my hands and said, in a time when my language is forbidden even to speak, you decided to give us your best gift you have. This touched me a lot, and I wanted to work further to finish the Bible with all its books."

My name is Dr. Ratna Sajja, president of Nations for Jesus (NFJ). I founded NFJ in 1999 to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all and demonstrate His love to all people.

During my trip to Turkey, I met with the Executive Secretary of the Turkish Bible Society, who told the above account. Now I feel burdened to raise money to buy Bibles for the Kurdish people living in Turkey.

Around 25 million Kurds live in this area of the world. They are the largest ethnic group without a nation to call their own. Kurds are the outcasts of society; they have little wealth or schooling. Less than 1 in 100 claim to be followers of our Lord Jesus Christ. An estimated 15 million Kurds who live in Turkey do not have access to a Bible in their Kurmanji dialect. Here is a brief message from the Executive Secretary: “We sometimes are feeling that we are blocked and won’t be able to move forward to spread the Word of God. We are not allowed to share openly our faith out of churches or Christian areas.”

The Bible Society of Turkey

The first mission established in modern-day Turkey was the Bible Society, which was founded in 1820. The organizations primary task is translation of God’s Word.

Bookshop Ministry: There are two bookshops in Istanbul and in Adana. Unfortunately, they had to close the one in Izmir and they were not allowed to open one in the capital city of Ankara. The Turkish Bible Society is still waiting for financing to open another bookshop in Antalya. “But we praise God for the two bookshops where we are receiving so many visitors,” writes the executive secretary.

Book Fairs: The ministry also is attempting to participate in every book fair around Turkey–Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Diyarbakir–for a total of ten days each year. At such events, special pocket calendars containing the Word of God are given away to every visitor. Through these book fairs, the ministry team is reaching 100,000 people.


Newspaper Ads/Prisoner Outreach: Newspaper ads are another avenue of outreach used by the Turkish Bible Society, even reaching prisoners during the last three years. “When we started to receive letters from prisoners, we decided to establish a special fund for them. We are freely giving them the Word of God and pray a lot for them.”

Children’s Bibles: In addition to printing Scriptures for adults, the ministry team is also printing children’s Bibles and would like to expand this effort.

Study Bibles:For the first time a study Bible in the Turkish language is ready to print. The project will go to the printer as soon as funding is complete.

Bible Dictionaries: The Bible Dictionary is also on its way. “We are checking words and soon we will start to choose pictures.”

Kurdish Old Testament:Translation is underway for the development of the Kurdish Old Testament. This book will supplement the Kurdish New Testament completed in 2005 and the Kurdish New Testament with the Book of Psalms finished in 2009.

Audio Recording:An audio recording of the New Testament will be an effective tool since many Kurds cannot read or write in their language. The Campus Crusade for Christ team in Turkey has agreed to distribute the book/CD package throughout the country. Reading and listening at the same time will help them to learn their mother tongue.

Sponsor Bibles for the Kurds


While the cost of one Kurdish New Testament is $3.90, the price drops to $3.18 per copy if 10,000 copies are printed. An accompanying CD is $1.18 per copy for a total of $4.36 for each hardcover set.

We are so excited about what God will do among the Kurdish people in the weeks to come, and I hope you are encouraged as well. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for Nations for Jesus. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly as you serve Him!

Yours for reaching the world for Christ,

Dr. Ratna K. Sajja

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - January and February 2010
1. Haiti

2. What to do

3. Support for the suffering


If you are like so many who watched on in sadness, disbelief, and horror as pictures streamed in from earthquake-torn Haiti, you wondered how the people there could possibly recover from their heartbreak. The poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, the destruction of buildings did not simply mean inconvenience for its citizenry, but the loss of everything—homes, loved ones, and the little hope they had left.

Life was bad before—unimaginably so with 80 percent of the population living in poverty deeper than most here in the U.S. will ever experience. But now their sorrows have multiplied to utter desperation and despondency. An article entitled “In Haiti, children the most vulnerable victims” in the Tennessean carried this report by a hospital volunteer: “In the night, the children awake crying…‘They ask why it happened. They think God is mad at them.’” Without even the love of God to comfort them, what hope or security could these children possibly have?

What to do

It is difficult to know the most effective way to help the people in Haiti during such a time. Though government and international relief agencies seem to be reaching the main capital of Port-Au-Prince effectively, reports continue to stream in concerning the desolation still being experienced in the outskirts of the city. To minister to these areas requires empowering the pastors and churches that are already there.

If you are wondering how you can help the suffering people of Haiti, Nations for Jesus (NFJ) is working with several churches there that can deliver the help and support the people need. These are established ministries already preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, supporting orphans, teaching the Bible, and trusted by their communities. They’ve lost their buildings, but not their sense of mission or their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Support for the suffering

Please join me in supporting these brothers and sisters in Christ as they labor to bring hope to this suffering people—providing not only nourishment and healing for the physically broken, but grace and love for the spiritually broken. Thank you for your prayers during this difficult time.

Sincerely in Christ,

Dr. Ratna K. Sajja

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - December 2009
1. The Meaning of Christmas

2. Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ

3. Nations for Jesus Gift Catalog

The Meaning of Christmas

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior this Christmas, it is easy to become overwhelmed and dispirited by everything there is to do. The church events, gift lists, family responsibilities, and holiday parties can fill our time and draw our attention away from the true meaning of Christmas. God “stripped Himself [of all privileges and rightful dignity], so as to assume the guise of a servant (slave), in that He became like men and was born a human being” (Phil. 2:7, AMP).

Our omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Lord Jesus left His throne in heaven and accepted all the limitations, pains, and sorrows of mankind. Why? To give us the greatest gift that has ever been given—salvation for our souls through the forgiveness of our sins.

It is my prayer that this Christmas we would not forget that God Himself came to earth in the flesh because He loved us so much. This is why we celebrate and it is to be our message to our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and everyone we encounter. We are to remind others that Christ the Lord, our Savior, made the great sacrifice of being born in a lowly manger and dying on the cross to save us. This is why He gave us His Holy Spirit—so that we could continue representing His Body on earth by being His hands and feet.

Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ

With that in mind, I would like to challenge you. This Christmas, instead of struggling over what gift to give those who already have everything, please turn your thoughts to those who have relatively nothing. Just as Jesus looked down from heaven and saw our greatest need—look to the needs of others. Honor Him by feeding the hungry, caring for the widows and orphans, healing the sick, and sharing the gift of salvation with the lost. This Christmas, give the Savior the gift of your love by caring for others in His name. I can say with confidence that what you do in obedience to Him will be the most meaningful and satisfying thing you do throughout the holiday season.

Nations for Jesus Gift Catalog

This gift catalog offers you an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of unique ministries that are tailored to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people living in Africa and Asia. I encourage you to look through the gifts and see how God would have you share the love of Jesus Christ with the lost, poor, and needy - how you will tell the untold millions of people that Jesus cares about them and offers them hope.

For gift opportunities from Nations for Jesus, please click on the following link:

Merry Christmas!

Dr. Ratna K. Sajja

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - November 2009
1. A Thought on Thanksgiving

2. About the Dalit

3. Hope for Vikram

4. A Closing Thought

A Thought on Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is good and wise to think about all of the things we are grateful to God for. Although this year has been difficult economically for most of us, we still have shelter and food on our tables. More importantly, we have the love of our families, friends, and churches. We are truly blessed.

Maybe there are some who are not convinced of this, but I would ask those individuals to turn their thoughts to a people who know only destitution, suffering, and condemnation all of their days. The Dalits of India have little hope of ever enjoying a better life because they are part of the untouchable caste—the lowest class of society.

About the Dalit

Dalit is a term that means, “crushed underfoot” or “broken into pieces,” which is just what these pitiable people endure daily. They live in subhuman, degrading conditions, and face constant assault, harassment, and the threat of enslavement through human trafficking. The only work they are permitted to do is that which is considered ritually impure, such as cleaning latrines by hand or clearing away animal carcasses.

IndiaHopeCenterweb You may be wondering why the Dalits are so mistreated. What have they done that would warrant such terrible oppression and exploitation? It is because of the Hindu caste system, which dictates a person’s social status at birth. In other words, they were simply born into the wrong family. Although this caste hierarchy was outlawed in India, Dalits are still oppressed by it and have no way out of their lot in life.

With so much against them, it may appear that they have nothing to be thankful for. Their situation seems hopeless—and from an earthly standpoint it is. Yet, we must always remember that, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God" (Luke 18:27).

The Lord is able to help in every situation—even those of the Dalits. In fact, Psalm 113:7 promises, “He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap” (Ps. 113:7).

Hope for Vikram

Seven-year old Gajjala Vikram comes from a Dalit background and has seen this to be true. His father died of a heart attack and his mother has no financial resources to provide bread, shelter, or education to him and his siblings. She was not even permitted to do daily labor because of her position as a Dalit. Because of her desperate situation, she asked one of the Nations For Jesus (NFJ) Hope Centers for help.

VikramWeb Vikram was admitted to the Hope Center and was provided with a high quality English language education so he could break free from his family’s cycle of illiteracy and poverty and begin a new future. He was also given food, clothing, medical care, and spiritual instruction so he could grow in a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

How has Vikram responded to his new surroundings? He has become a very active and bright student, and has embraced the ministry at the Hope Center wholeheartedly. He is thankful that someone cared enough about him to nourish him in both spiritual and physical matters, and is encouraged that he can one day pursue an honorable, worthwhile career such as being a pastor, doctor, engineer, or teacher.

God is working and blessing among the Dalits, and even they have reason to praise Him. Of course, there are many children like Vikram who continue to need help and hope. So I pray that as you think about all the things you are grateful for this Thanksgiving, you will turn your thoughts to them. Ask the Father to reveal Himself to the Dalit people and give them confidence that their lives can be better through Jesus Christ. Then praise Him that even when there is no earthly hope, He is able to do the impossible and provide a way for us to be saved.

A Closing Thought

Where the world sees an untouchable, Jesus beholds someone He loves and desires to save. These helpless victims of oppression, poverty, abuse, and disease are constantly told they are worthless and unwanted. But through your partnership Nations for Jesus, God tells them they matter and that He created them for a special purpose. So on their behalf, I would like to thank you. Thank you for providing them with shelter, nutritious meals, education, health care, and spiritual instruction. Thank you for caring about those whom the world discards. And thank you for following God in obedience today and every day. May He bless you always.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - October 2009
1. Envisioning the early church

2. The burgeoning church in Nepal

3. The ministry of Pastor Deb

4. A little obedience goes a long wayway . . .

Envisioning the early church

We can probably envision the great joy the disciples felt as the gospel began to take hold throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Acts 16:5 reports, “The churches were being strengthened in the faith, and were increasing in number daily.” It must have been wonderful to see all those people coming to faith in the Lord Jesus and following Him in obedience.

Yet, there is one very important thing about the early church that we should not forget. Along with the blessing of many being saved came persecution. Though the disciples had the immediate enjoyment of reward for their faithful work, they often faced great pressure as they ministered to believers and planted churches.

The burgeoning church in Nepal

The same is true of places today like Nepal. Although Charisma Magazine named Nepal one of 2009s Spiritual Hot Spots, this small Himalayan nation did not even have a Christian presence until 50 years ago. Attempts to introduce the Word of God there began in 1821, when William Carey started translating the Bible into the native Nepali language. This work was completed in 1914, and yet the gospel did not take root until several decades later.

As the world’s only Hindu kingdom until 2006 when democracy took hold, many missionaries travelled to and perished in Nepal. However, since religious freedom was granted to all, the harvest has been beyond imagination—the number of believers has increased exponentially.

HimalayanGospelChurch Even so, the Body of Christ continues to experience terrible maltreatment. Radical Hindu military groups blame Christians for their loss of power in the nation and often attack. In 2007, the president of the National Christian Council of Nepal, Purushotam Lal Manandhar, told Christianity Today, “Most of our members are first-generation Christians and have faced opposition and even harassment for their conversion from their dear ones.”

The fledgling church in Nepal is just like the early church we read about in the book of Acts. And now, Nations for Jesus (NFJ) has been given the wonderful opportunity to join in this very fruitful work and bless the believers of Nepal through the ministry of Debendra Kumar Sambahamphe—also known as Pastor Deb.

The ministry of Pastor Deb

Pastor Deb is the founding pastor of Himalayan Gospel Church, and he has successfully planted 5 churches throughout Nepal, and has even made some important inroads into the restricted nations of Tibet, Bhutan, and Myanmar.

He reports, “There are two churches under construction in Ramantar and Ghattekhola. The Lord is allowing us to reach the unreached people and plant the churches among them rapidly. The building itself is not the Body of Christ, however we know the importance of the church house. So we are praying that we can build four more churches in Kunjagali, Bagai, Kohalpur, and Dhulabari, as soon as possible—and many more in His will and His right time.”

Debsfamily It is a difficult time in Nepal, but an exciting one in which the Lord is working powerfully. It reminds me of what the Lord Jesus told the disciples as He sat upon the Mount of Olives: “Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:12–14).

The world is in chaos and so many throughout the earth are facing terrible adversity. But God is still in control, and He is spreading the gospel in places like Nepal—nations where no one imagined the gospel could take hold just 100 years ago. I hope you will join NFJ in praying for these saints—rejoicing with them in their victories and interceding for them in their trials. I also pray that you will see the wonderful fruit of your obedience to God, and that you will persevere like the believers in Nepal, even when the trials come.

A little obedience goes a long way . . .

OrphansfromNepal Thank you so much for your prayers and support for NFJ. It is amazing how comparatively little it takes to support our partners in Nepal and the incredible increase the Lord is bringing from our obedience. We can support a pastor for only $50/month and each Nepali language Bible is just $3.00. Certainly a worthy investment! We are so excited about what God is going to do in that region in the days and weeks to come, and I hope that you are encouraged as well. May He bless you greatly as you serve Him!

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - September 2009
1. Increased persecution

2. Persecution in Turkey

3. Christian persecution in Pakistan

4. Challenged, but faithful

Increased persecution

As our efforts to proclaim the gospel increase, so does opposition from the enemy. Many of the friends and co-laborers in Christ I’ve written to you about—such as the Kurada family in Turkey and Naomi Sadiq in Pakistan—have endured incredible pressure and persecution in these past weeks. Their lives are in God’s hands as they serve Him in these tremendously difficult regions of the world, but I hope you will continue to remember them in your prayers.

News from Turkey

In June, I introduced you to Yuksel Kurada, a courageous man who is taking the gospel to the Muslims of Ephesus, Turkey. I received an email from his wife Dijle that is terribly sad and disturbing.

KuradasfromTurkey Please pray for us and especially for Yuksel’s parents. They live near the Black Sea…Usually the villages in that area are full of radical Muslims. Two times the Turkish army has visited them—their house has been searched and everything was turned upside down. The army found a Bible in the house and…told everyone in the village that they are Christians, which put them in a very difficult position. They are receiving threats from the army and the people around them—their life is in danger…They have also been threatening Yuksel by following and calling him. Our concern is the church members and our family. Four days ago one of our brothers was kidnapped and almost murdered. He is fine now—praise the Lord…We really need your prayers.

Yuksel also wrote to me saying, “Our car’s window was broken by some people and they left a note saying, ‘You are an Armenian dog…We will kill you and your family.’ The government officers and police, and they said they could not help us in anyway. Our lives are in danger here now.”

Yuksel, Dijle, and their children are being threatened with death because they are Christians preaching salvation to those around them. We cannot abandon them—or any believer in Turkey—now. We must kneel before the throne of grace on their behalf, asking God for their protection, strength, wisdom, and boldness as they continue to serve Him faithfully.

Prayers for Pakistani Christians

Then there is Naomi Sadiq, whom I told you about in July. She lives and serves in Pakistan—a nation that is 13th on the Open Doors World Watch List of the worst nations for the persecution of Christians. Perhaps you’ve seen the recent news reports of riots in Gojra and Korian. Thousands of Muslims raided and burned more than 100 homes and several churches—killing 14 Christians and injuring many more because of a false accusation of blasphemy.

Caskets This is not unusual. Because of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws—which do not require any evidence to prosecute—Muslims feel free to attack believers. Yet, it is in the midst of this chaos that Naomi bravely continues to reach out to those who are suffering.

My team and I visited Gojra…when we went to their burnt houses our team cried a lot because there is not one thing left there. The two churches there are fully burnt, along with all the Bibles and everything. The pastors were crying a lot. Schools were also burnt. These people don’t have any hope and are very afraid of the Muslims. These 100 families are now homeless—they are living in the streets because they don’t have anything.

She does not turn back from doing God’s work because of fear. Rather, she continues to serve Him out of faith—reaching out to the very people who persecute believers in the hope that they too will know Jesus as their Savior.

Challenged, but faithful

Destruction I remind you of Yuksel and Naomi today because I hope you will continue to pray for them. But also to remind you of the great responsibility we have in proclaiming the gospel to all the nations—and the courage many must exhibit in doing so. Like the apostle Paul, they say, “I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24).

I pray this boldness and love would be found in you as well. Whenever you need courage to talk to others about Jesus, think about Yuksel and Naomi. Consider the pressure they are under, the grace that sustains them, and the difference they are making for eternity. Then remember that the same hand that protects them keeps you safe as well.

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - August 2009
1. Hope for the orphan children of India

2. The foundling girls

3. Hope for the orphans and foundlings

Hope for the orphan children of India

Praveen1 Imagine if you will, the terrible pain of being a child and losing the two people you love and trust most in the world—your mother and father. This is what happened to Praveen, a 7-year-old who lost his parents to AIDS, and to Naga Sai, a 10-year-old boy whose parents were killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. I ask you to put yourself in their shoes and think about what these small orphaned boys face each day.

Suddenly alone and destitute, children like Praveen and Naga Sai have nowhere to go. Without anyone to care for, feed, clothe, or protect them, they roam the streets doing whatever they can just to survive—begging, stealing, and being victimized by those who promise a bite to eat in exchange for their innocence. With more than 25 million orphans throughout India, the demise of a child’s parents is often a death sentence for them.

The foundling girls

What is even more distressing is when a child is abandoned to the streets simply because she is a girl. Required to provide a substantial dowry whenever a female child is married, many families see the birth of a daughter as a financial curse, rather than a blessing. This has led to the illegal abortion of an estimated 500,000 female fetuses per year, and the abandonment of countless other little girls.

Sravani1 Can you imagine the utter heartbreak of knowing you are not wanted? Of realizing that your parents threw you away like trash to fend for yourself on the streets?

Whether a child has been orphaned or abandoned, as Christians we understand that every child is precious before God. Each little boy and girl is a person Jesus Christ gave His life on the cross to save. This is why the Lord calls us to be His representatives and: “Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked” (Psalm 82:3–4).

Hope for the orphans and foundlings

We are to look after those who are vulnerable and powerless—and none are more defenseless than the orphans and foundlings of India. For this reason, Nations for Jesus (NFJ) is working hard to offer to give these children a home and family by establishing church-based Hope Centers. Our goal is to demonstrate to them that they are loved, wanted, and certainly not alone.

Our objective is for each Hope Center to house fifty children and supply them with food, clothing, education, healthcare, and spiritual development so that they will have a safe, loving environment to grow physically, intellectually, and spiritually—leading them to become self-reliant adults.

Through NFJ’s Hope Centers, orphaned children like Praveen and Naga Sai have a place to live and people to care for them. And foundling girls are being shown that they are worthy of love, respect, and dignity. In fact, NFJ is currently building a Hope Center specifically for girls in India to address the ever-growing need.

I hope you will join us in showing these children that Jesus Christ loves them, they’re wanted, and that they’re not alone. Please prayerfully consider your role in helping NFJ—whether that is as a prayer partner, through a donation, or by recruiting others to support the ministry. The doors are open wide to make a difference in the lives of these orphans. Thank you so much for helping us alleviate the suffering of the children in India.


Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - July 2009

A burden for the people of Pakistan

NaomifromPakistan I am exceedingly burdened for persecuted believers in Pakistan. The 20 million Christians who reside in this Islamic republic are a mistreated, impoverished minority living among people who despise them. Viewed as second-class citizens, many come from the lower castes and are forced to do the repulsive tasks others in the society refuse to do.

How does a believer serve the Lord Jesus Christ in a nation where anyone caught denying the Koran, Islam, or prophet Muhammad can be punished by death? How can a Christian keep their hope alive in a country where violence has become the norm; their fellow believers are displaced and starving; and where there is only hardship and grave danger for anyone who professes Jesus as their Savior?

The courage to stand

It is a difficult life, but God has gifted my friend Naomi Sadiq for it in a very special way. Naomi recently wrote, “We have 15 Sunday school centers in different areas and there are 400 children in attendance. We also have almost 300 women and 200 youth at our weekly meetings. We have a 24-hour prayer center and also have 30 house churches in different areas of Pakistan. By the grace of God, we have four schools for the children to learn about the Bible, and four sewing centers where approximately 150 young women learn to sew and pray every day. We also take care of 50 school-aged children as they continue their education in other cities, and assist 15 gipsy children in their studies. By the grace of God, we also care for 25 widows and 50 orphans and blind children.”

How is it possible for a believer to be so committed to the Lord in such a terrible situation? Muhammad Sammy, a man recently saved through Naomi’s ministry writes, “Christianity gave me a lot of peace and joy. Now I am very happy every day. I am praying and reading the Bible. Please pray that the Lord would change my family because they have threatened to kill me, but I am not worried about this because I have Jesus in my heart.”

Naomi and Muhammad’s courage and strength come straight from the Savior. As David wrote, “In God I have put my trust, I shall not be afraid. What can man do to me?” (Ps. 56:11).

You can help

Naomi2 Nations for Jesus (NFJ) is praying for ways to support and encourage believers such as Naomi as she continues the very difficult task of evangelizing Pakistan. NFJ will be holding evangelistic meetings in different parts of Pakistan to lead this gospel-hungry, war-torn people to the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus. Please pray for those who attend these meetings—that God will draw them to Himself in a powerful way, supply everything that is needed, and show His glory.

One of the great needs that the Pakistani people have is for God’s Word, so NFJ is seeking to supply at least 500 Bibles to them. Each costs US$2, so please pray that God will supply copies for everyone who is hungry for His Word. Additionally, Naomi and her ministry partners need a van for their outreach work. Please ask the Lord to provide the US$3000 that is necessary for suitable, safe transportation.

I hope you will stand with NFJ, Naomi, and the people of Pakistan and pray for them—being as courageous in your intercession as they are in carrying the gospel to this difficult ministry field. And I hope that their example will encourage you to continue preaching the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ fearlessly, no matter where you go or what your circumstances may be. You have the hope they need, friend, so please—do not remain silent.

“Pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in proclaiming it I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.” —Ephesians 6:19–20

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - June 2009

The gospel in the birth place of Paul

KuradasfromTurkey When I think about the nation of Turkey, my thoughts often turn to my friend Yuksel Kurada. Yuksel was born into a Muslim family, and like many who grow up in Islamic societies-without hope or grace-he suffered from severe depression for many years.

It was not until a friend gave Yuksel a New Testament and invited him to church that he found what he was truly longing for. In his heart he knew that the Bible he was reading was the truth, and it would set him free if he would simply trust Jesus Christ as his Savior (John 8:32).

Yuksel's story may seem common to us, but it is extraordinary because of how few have an opportunity to hear the gospel in Turkey. One might imagine that the birthplace of the apostle Paul and the region where the biblical church of Ephesus was established would be a vibrant center of God's light and love. Unfortunately, Turkey could not be further from its rich, historically Christian roots.

Today, approximately 99.8% of Turkey's 76.8 million residents are Muslims, and Islam is an integral part of its national identity. It is estimated that there are fewer than 150,000 Christians nationwide, among them about 10,000 evangelicals. What a tragedy for a land that was once an important center of the gospel!

Opportunities for reaching Turkey

Thankfully, God has been answering our prayers for the people of Turkey, opening doors for the gospel in a way that hasn't been seen for more than five centuries. Specifically, the Lord has provided two powerful ways for Nations for Jesus to reach out to Turkey.

The first is through church planters like Yuksel, who has established the growing New Covenant Church in Ephesus and a training center for believers who wish to serve the Lord.

The second way is through Christian radio station-Radio Light in Istanbul. This station has the potential of reaching more than 16 million people with the good news of salvation.

The challenge

We realize that Turkey will be a difficult mission field, but not an impossible one because "all things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27). The Lord has opened the doors of ministry and Turkish Muslims are hungrier for the true gospel-the gospel of Jesus Christ-now more than ever. But we must embrace the opportunities God gives us, be faithful to His calling, and rely on Him every step of the way.

As I said at the beginning of this E-newsletter, when I think about the nation of Turkey, my thoughts often turn to my friend Yuksel Kurada. How many Muslims are living as he used to-severely depressed, lacking hope, and without God's wonderful grace? How many are longing to know the truth that can set them free? It took a believer-a faithful Christian friend-to give Yuksel a New Testament, invite him to church, and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. Together, you and I can be that friend to the people of Turkey. And we can again witness the seeds of the gospel take root in the land where the Apostle Paul first watched it bloom so long ago.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the exciting things God is doing through Nations for Jesus.

Yours for the Unreached,

Ratna K. Sajja, D.Min

Nations for Jesus

Nations for Jesus E-Newsletter - May 2009

Hope for Sudan:

Sudanese childRecently, we heard and read about the conflict in Darfur and how more than 1.7 million children were orphaned by the ongoing genocide there. With no one to protect them, they suffer terrible abuse, violence, hunger, and disease. The thought of it has broken my heart.

As Nations for Jesus (NFJ) has sought the Lord's guidance in expanding our outreach efforts into Africa, it has become clear that He's been directing our attention to Sudan because of the great need there. Not only have 2 million people died because of the ever-raging war, but also more than 4 million have been driven from their homes and Sudan's government has expelled the international aid groups that had been providing its displaced citizens with food, water, and shelter.

The people of Sudan--especially the children-need provisions to survive, but they are also desperate for the hope that only Jesus Christ can offer. And we believe that the Lord is leading NFJ to make a difference in Sudan. This fall, we are traveling to Sudan to proclaim the gospel to this war-torn people and encourage the pastors in that region. We've also begun planning an initiative called Hope for Sudan, through which we plan to build various Hope Centers. Our vision is that each Hope Center will house 50 children and supply them with food, clothing, education, healthcare, and spiritual development so that they will have a safe, loving environment in which to grow.

James 1:27 teaches us, "Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress." Also, in James 2:15-16 we are told, "If a brother or sister is without clothing and in need of daily food, and one of you says to them, 'Go in peace, be warmed and be filled,' and yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that?" We know that Hope for Sudan is an ambitious project and that we face a long and challenging road. But if we do not go forward and provide real relief for the children of Sudan, what good are our tears for them? Without Hope Centers, these children may not have the opportunity to live in safety or receive the care they so desperately need. Even worse, they may never hear the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ.

God can work through us--through you and me-to change Sudan, and your positive response has already encouraged me greatly. I would appreciate your continued prayers as NFJ moves forward in this initiative. Our first challenge is to raise $48,000 to build our first Hope Center in Sudan. I invite you to prayerfully consider your role in helping Nations for Jesus achieve this goal-whether that is as a prayer partner, through a donation, or by recruiting others to support the ministry. As I said, the doors are open wide to make a difference. Thank you for helping us alleviate the suffering of the children in Sudan.

Long-Term Mission Trip to India:

We have a very special long-term mission opportunity for you in India! NFJ is looking for a few mission-minded people to live in India for three to five months to provide support services to Nations for Jesus. If you believe that God is leading you to the mission field or if someone you know has a passion for missions, please contact NFJ at 404.474.1172 or email us at for more details. To read about our other upcoming mission trips, please go to: NFJ Trips

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Charisma Magazine - February 2009

February 1, 2009

Nations for Jesus (NFJ) placed a half-page ad in the February edition of Charisma magazine. The focus of the February magazine is "India's Amazing Revival." To compliment the print circulation, Charisma is emailing the same issue to an additional 500,000 opt-in, spirit-filled readers. NFJ ad can be found on page 36 at the following link. Please pray that God will provide the ministry with divine connections to further His Kingdom.

Charisma Magazine

India Pastors Conference - January 2009

January 14, 2009

Presenters and Attendees at a ConferenceDuring the trip, we spoke at the Pastors and Christian Workers Conference, hosted by Messiah Fellowship.  This one day conference began on Wednesday, January 14.  The conference began with an hour of prayer followed by teaching on the subject of How to Guard your Vision based from the book of Nehemiah.

It was a delightful time, sharing with 50 pastors and their spouses ministering in villages and cities.  Their hunger for teaching was very obvious as they took copious notes and asked many questions related to the theme of the conference.   It was a powerful time and ministers were inspired and encouraged to pursue their God given vision.  At the closing of the conference, we had a special time of prayer and “laying on of hands” for several ministers who wanted a breakthrough in their ministries.

I request that you continue to pray for us and stand with us as we continue to advance our Lord’s Kingdom in different areas of the world.

Yours in Christ,

Dr. Ratna K. Sajja

Festival of New Year Blessings - January 2009

Vijayawada, India
January 9-11, 2009

Ratna Sajja and Rev. Prasd Rao Sajja speakingWith more than one billion people, India is the world's second most populous country and the largest democracy in the world.  India is a mission field of staggering proportions. This January, Nations for Jesus held a Festival of New Year Blessings to lead people to Jesus Christ and to strengthen the church.

The Festival of New Year Blessings was organized by Nations for Jesus in partnership with Messiah Fellowship of Vijayawada, India.  Dr. Ratna Sajja, the founder and president of Nations for Jesus, along with his brother Rev. Prasad Rao Sajja, pastor of Church for All Nations, travelled to the city of Vijayawada located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

The Festival started on Friday, January 9th and went through Sunday, January 11.  Each night I had the privilege of ministering to hundreds of people who were hungry for the truth.   We literally witnessed hundreds of people coming to the meetings from nearby villages in trucks and all kinds of transportation vehicles including auto rickshaws.  There were a total of six thousand people in attendance for three days of meetings. 

The Lord gave us glorious services with hundreds of people responding to the invitation to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and many others responding to prayer for their healing and restoration.  Throughout the meetings the power of God broke out in astonishing ways.  There were manifestations of God's glory and power which I had not experienced before. 

I also had the privilege of ministering in two different local churches and sought to uplift and encourage the saints.  The people were very attentive and receptive to the Word of God.  It touched my heart when several people came to tell me how the message had transformed their lives.

Many parts of India continue to see an escalation of persecution against the Christians. Pastors and Christians have been beaten, sentenced to jail, homes and church buildings destroyed; Christian families refused water and supplies, all for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Churches have been burned, Christian women have been gang raped, and people and homes have been burned down. Several thousands of believers fled into the woods to hide without water and food in Orissa state. The situation is not in their favor.

Please pray for the safety of Christians in India.

Dr. Ratna K. Sajja

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